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​MF series Microfiber Wiper


​MF series Microfiber Wiper 
is woven from ultra-fine yarns, comprising 70% Polyester and 30% Nylon            
is cleanroom laundered and packaged in ISO Class 4 in double bag            
its cutting methods available: Laser, Heat, Ultrasonic and Normal            
has four standard sizes available: 4”x4”, 6”x6”, 9”x9”, 12”x12”            
has standard packing: 150 or 300 pieces per bag , 20 bags per carton             
Packing Detail
Model Size Packing Per Bag Bags/Case
 WIP-MF44 4" x 4" 400 pcs 10 bags
 WIP-MF66 6" x 6" 100 pcs 20 bags
 WIP-MF99 9" x 9" 100 pcs 20 bags
 WIP-MF12 12" x 12" 100 pcs 20 bags

Product Features            
Finger print marks, oil stain etc. removal            
Good absorbency of liquids and chemical            
Ultra-low lint            
Economical for general cleaning  
Cleaning and polishing stainless steel surfaces            
Superior for spill control and general wiping in ISO Class 5 & 6 Cleanroom facilities            
General wiping and maintenance of tools


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