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Clean Booth / Clean Bench


Clean Booth / Clean Bench

Clean Booth is a cost efficient alternative to a cleanroom. ISO 14644-1 Class 5 cleanliness is achievable with this versatile equipment. Flexible and economical, it may be easily relocated or expanded as required.
The steel framework offers a stable structure yet requires minimal construction time. The unit also allows for easy height adjustment.
The side panels can be constructed out of acrylic or anti-static vinyl sheet as per customer's requirement.
HEPA filter with a filter efficiency of 99.97% for 0.3μm or larger particles ensures a clean environment within the Clean Booth. For more stringent requirement, ULPA filter maybe be installed as the main filtration system. 

• ISO 14611-1 Class 5 environment
• EG Steel construction with powder coat or Stainless Steel 304
• Economical and flexible – easily relocated or expanded as required
• Clean work zone environment created for optimum product protection.
• Custom-design to order.
• Instrumentation as required 
Sizes : Customized according to requirement
Color : Stainless Steel, White Powder-coat 


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