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Pass Box


Pass Box    
     Pass Box with Air Shower offers an effective way to remove contamination from materials and documents before they get into the cleanrooms. The unit is activated automatically after the door is closed. Pressurized clean air streams out from the nozzles at a velocity of 20-25 m/sec to remove particles from incoming materials in the unit.    
     For heavier equipment or materials on trolleys, floor-mounted units are also available. These floor-mounted units work on the same principle of blowing clean pressurized onto the incoming equipment to remove any particles adhering on the surface before they enter the cleanroom.     

• Powder coated EG Steel or SUS 304 Main Body    
• Electromagnetic Lock    
• Side-blow / Top-blow options    
• Wall type and floor type is available    
• Easy of installation and maintenance    
• Custom-made sizes are also available.     

• Wall-mount units are suitable for transferring documents, parts and components into the cleanroom.    
• Floor-mount units are suitable for moving heavier equipment or materials on trolleys into the cleanroom.     
Sizes : Customized according to requirement    
Color : Stainless Steel, White Powder-coat     


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